Friday, September 25, 2015

Want to meet your favorite actors?

Madame Tussaud is a wax museum located in central London and New York  . Now I know what you are thinking a wax museum creepy right.  But that is not the case some of these wax sculptures are the most realistic looking sculptures I have ever seen. I would go with your families because it is a chance for you to meet your favorite actors (not really but you know what I mean).  There also a marvel section of the museum in witch all of the avengers and spider-man are I took a pose with spider-man i loved it and within that  section there is a dome theater in which the play a short 4D movie about the marvel heroes. The seats vibrate water gets sprayed at you and a blast of wind hits you in the face all while the characters  are jumping out of the screen. My mother enjoyed taking pictures with quite a few of her favorite actors. There is even a whole section for Bollywood actors

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