Monday, October 5, 2015

Biggest Sandwich You'll Ever Have

This is the time that I went to to Des Moines and attempted to eat this behemoth of a sandwich. Smashed in between two buns is a pork tenderloin, buffalo chicken tenders, white cheddar sauce, fried cheese cubes, Texas brisket, apple wood smoked bacon, and a cheese burger oh and a pound of waffle fries. All of this food and you have to finish all of this in fifteen minutes. This is a crazy amount of food for how little time you have, you have to eat so fast your body can't recognize the amount of food it has taken in. Sadly I can't say I finished this challenge...I did eat a good amount of it though. Also if you don't want to eat this behemoth of a sandwich Jethro's is a great college town type restaurant for a couple buddies or if your visiting a brother or sister in college this a great place to go.    

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