Thursday, September 3, 2015

European thrills

Thorpe park is an amusement park located between the towns of Chertsey and Stains, Surrey England, UK. They include some of the fastest rides I have ever been on. To ride all the rides you have to be a four and a half feet tall. So you don't need to be too worried about your child's height there are good roller coasters for all heights. The staff at Thorpe Park are so nice. They have 3 water rides and 9 thrill roller coasters 90% of which include fast pass. The best thrill roller coaster in my opinion would have to be Nemesis Inferno. In this ride you are strapped in with your legs dangling so it is not recommended to wear sandals. With a top speed of forty-eight miles per hour with two corkscrew and a vertical loop and zero g roll . It is my favorite roller coaster at the park. It is really fun and awesome. I Screamed and laughed the whole time. So if you are going to England for a trip with your friends I would highly recommend you going to thorpe park. 

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