Friday, August 28, 2015

Can you break out?

Breakout games is a real life breakout experience. It is located six major cities Lexington, Kentucky , Birmingham, Alabama, Louisville, Kentucky, Cincinnati,Ohio, Knoxville, Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia and Dayton, Ohio. In Breakout you are locked in a room that has its own theme there are four theme's Island Escape, The Kidnapping, Derby Heist, and Casino Royal. My personal experience was with the Island Escape room. As soon as you walk in it looks like you are at a beach with a boat. An employee that walks in with you is called the game master. He explains to you that you have a hour to find the code to unlock the door and breakout. There are many clues and puzzles to solve each one leads to another. When my family and I went At first we were so confused we had no idea were to start. Each clue lead to another the more we learned the more clues we solved the more intense it got. We were two puzzles away from breaking out we were disappointed but we all agreed that this was very fun and brought us closer together. If you are going to any of there places to visit your family or friends you should definitely go to a breakout games branch.

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